Aaron's Story

Pastor Nick Stotzer, Co-Founder / Pastor at UMI Church writes...

During my time of knowing Ms Webster, she came upon the case of Ms X through Safe Families. Ms X was from the worst kind of background. She came from the foster care system, was emotionally, physically, and sexually abused, is bi-polar, schizophrenic, and has no family to help her. She was brash, to say the least, and had a baby boy whom she threatened to kill, which is the context that Ms Webster met her. Not only has Ms Webster taken care of her child, she provided Ms X with every means possible to help her out of the lifestyle she was stuck in. Even when faced with the most insurmountable obstacles, Ms Webster helped Ms X face them with a furious love.

Unfortunately, Ms X has not adhered to the wisdom and council that Leonie has given her. Yet, Ms Webster has never given up on her. It is through Ms. Webster that Ms X's baby boy found his way into our home. Since that state was going to take Ms X's son, it was through much prayer and fasting, that she (Ms X) asked my wife and I to take on her son as our own. It was an honor to say yes. However, if not through the diligent work of Ms Webster this would not have been possible.

My son owes his life, in part, to the work of Leonie.

Nick's Testimony

Pastor Nick Stotzer shares his experience of working with Leonie in her role with Safe Families....

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Safe Families

Until recently, Leonie worked with Safe Families in Kansas City with families and children at high risk from poverty, neglect and domestic violence...

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