At Heart for Justice, Leonie's work includes:

Orphan Justice


As Director of International Developments at the Orphan Justice Center, Leonie is equipping and mobilising the church in response to the global orphan crisis...

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Safe Families


Leonie is working with Safe Families in Kansas City with families and children at high risk from poverty, neglect and domestic violence...

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Leonie continues to support the adoption advocacy work and legislative framework that she pioneered with IHNFA during her time in Honduras...

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Consultant Midwife


Leonie uses her midwifery training and experience to support mothers and their families through pregnancy. She also brings an international best-practice perspective to midwifery provision in Kansas City...

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Aaron's Story


Pastor Nick Stotzer shares about the circumstances surrounding the adoption of his son and the part Leonie played in Aaron's story...

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Ella's Story


Leonie facilitated Ella's adoption with INHFA (Honduran Social Services) in 2011 on behalf of the Nicholson family...

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Julie's Testimony


Leonie provided voluntary midwifery support to Julie through her pregnancy in 2015. Julie shares her experience...

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Betty's Testimony


Leonie provided voluntary midwifery support to Betty through her pregnancy in 2014-15. Betty shares her experience...

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Nick's Testimony


Pastor Nick Stotzer shares his experience of working with Leonie in her role with Safe Families...

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