Safe Families

Until recently, Leonie worked with Safe Families, a Christian alternative to foster care that seeks to place vulnerable children within Christian families for short or long term placements or adoptions. She worked in the inner city areas of Kansas City with families and children at high risk from poverty, neglect and domestic violence and supported unregistered minors and trafficked & traumatized victims.

From 2014 to 2016, Leonie was a Safe Families Supervisor and oversaw a team of social workers and Family Coaches, who worked as advocates for over a hundred children and families in high risk situations to address the many challenges they faced. Leonie liaised (along with the Family Coaches) on behalf of the children with local Social Services, Government Departments, Hospitals, Police and other Charities.

She worked predominantly with the Hispanic & African American communities, where her bilingual abilities and cross-cultural experience were invaluable.
She also had the  honour to be called as a professional witness on behalf USA State child welfare reform at the Kansas State Capitol.

Whilst God has called Leonie to move on at this time from Safe Families, we still want to celebrate the lives that God has touched through her involvement in this ministry.

Why is there so much need in the US?


According to the US Census Bureau more than 16.4 million American children live in poverty. Read that statistic again. More than sixteen million children live in poverty!!

In the absence of a National.Health.Service structure, millions of children and young adults simply fall through the cracks of an enormous and broken social framework that does little to prevent or solve their current demise.

Children are being left behind without hope and practical solutions to their current social and emotional needs. In many cases parents are children themselves barely teenagers, too old for the foster care system, having to live in areas of educational wastelands offering little or no hope of breaking out of poverty and survival living.

After reading some research on halting what our culture has termed the ‘cycle of poverty’, Leonie found herself increasingly burdened and saddened for her fellow brothers and sisters who have been displaced, marginalized, orphaned and trafficked and who believe that there is little hope or comfort. They feel forgotten. Truthfully, many are.

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