Ella's Story

Ella is a Honduran orphan who was adopted by the Nicholson family at the age of two in 2011.

Leonie facilitated Ella's adoption with INHFA (Honduran Social Services) on behalf of the Nicholsons, who also stayed with her in Honduras whilst the legal process was completed.

At the time of her adoption, Ella was living with foster parents in very poor housing in a barrio in Tegucigalpa. She was found to be suffering from poor nutrition and severe dental issues due to the poor diet that she had.

Zack and Holli Nicholson write...

In June of this year, our family will celebrate the fifth anniversary of our adoption of our daughter Ella!  We adopted Ella from Honduras in 2011. We already had four biological children, but felt a calling to international adoption. We were put into contact with Leonie Webster and her ministry Heart 4 Justice. During that time, we wrote extensively to the Board of Heart 4 Justice concerning the living conditions in Honduras. This is an appropriate moment to reiterate the fact that our adoption would most likely not have happened if not for Leonie and her irreplaceable help.

When we first took custody of Ella, she had a myriad of health problems. When you combine these health problems with the complete shock of being taken out of her familiar environment and placed with total strangers, it was a recipe for disaster. The first two or three years were indeed a very trying time for our family. Because of the grace of God, and a determination by my wife and I not to quit, we made it through.

Today Ella is happy and healthy. Our family is a tight knit group. That is not to say that there are not struggles. There are still challenges in a few areas, specifically in the area of attachment, however we are making a lot of progress.

We would be glad to share more specific information to anyone who asks.  We want to again affirm Leonie and her ministry to all who will listen!

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